Who We Are

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward. Clout is committed to giving each customer excellent service which encourages and attracts loyalty. The keystone to this commitment is integrity. It is our belief of providing a quality American designed product that stands apart from the competition. We use the highest quality elements for our creations. We specialize in glass art, accessories, apparel and other branded merch. 

We're a manufacturing company who've been in this industry since 1998 in our hometown of West Chester, PA. This is where it all had started, in the back of a garage to now having two studios and two flagship stores right in Downtown West Chester. Clout started off as a tag in Philly, the main glass blower started blowing glass in the garage of the Clout graffiti artist, after seeing the tag all over that garage they decided to team up and create Clout Glass. Some years of glass blowing went by and they decided they should brand Clout and founded it together, three friends working hard to make their dreams a reality. After years of planning, a lot of hard work, we were finally able to open our doors and welcome the very customers who helped get us to where we are now.

While owning our shop weʼve been able to ask customers what they like to see in products and itʼs brand, learned what works and what doesnʼt and with that knowledge weʼve turned around and created our own line of hard goods. Because we own a shop, weʼve been able to do marketing and research on each product to try and make the best quality pieces that we possibly can, and after many months and years of designing prototypes and testing them out in our shop we now have Clout Products.

Please feel free to send us your feedback and comments about your experience with our company, "We welcome it." It helps to ensure that we are upholding our commitment of quality products and service so we can make your shopping experience great!

Engineered and Designed in West Chester, PA

All Glass, Quartz Bangers and Glass Accessories - Manufactured in China

American Beakers, Straight Tubes and Bubblers - Manufactured in the USA

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