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Slyme Green Re_Up Plus

$ 14.99 USD

New to the Re_Up line is our Slyme Green Re_Up Plus. This slender stick battery is both auto-sensing as well as a push button. Whether you prefer to press a button or you have a pre-filled cartridge with adjustable airflow, this battery is the one for you!

Now get our Re_Up Plus in bundles of 3 & 5 packs by picking from the choices above. The Re_Up Plus is made for the connoisseur cartridge user who get tanks that are built better, might have adjustable airflow and they understand how to use them. It has 3 heat settings and has the pre-heat function as well. It's a variable voltage battery that changes volts by pressing the fire button, it has a preheating option so that it works without having to inhale, auto-sensing pull and push button fire; it also has a 5-10 threaded connection.


-Variable Voltage Battery

-USB Charger