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Tips for Longer Lasting Products


Batteries are not a product that will last you a lifetime, they eventually burn out like any product; whether it be your phone, laptop, Duracell batteries in your T.V. remote or gamer control. It's lifetime on the shelf is often times not going to last you longer than 3 years to 5 years (5 years would be tremendous), which means that they eventually do need to replaced like when you go out and buy a new phone, laptop or camera. 

Tip #1 to keep your batteries lasting longer, we advise not to ever charge your battery in the car, this could drain the batteries life to never holding a charge just after one charge in a car, draining a freshly charged battery in just a few minutes. It can even overheat to the point of dangerous consequences. Alternators do not put out a consistent power source since the engine is always being used at different speeds. Too high of an output can lead to ruining your battery. Try not to ever charge in a car!

Tip #2 to keep your batteries lasting longer would mean to never charge any battery over night, 1-3 times will not see an effect, but if this is done continuously it can lead to batteries losing power a lot faster, the battery will seem like it's not holding a charge for as long as it used to because of overcharging.

Tip #3 make sure when either plugging in the Micro USB charger into the battery or when screwing the charger onto the battery you are careful, being forceful or careless with the plugging in and or screwing into the battery can mess up the pins or bend the connectors on the battery. If the connections don't touch and line up it can lead to the battery not getting a charge which will lead to the battery not working when you try to turn it on.

Tip #4 always keep the pins on the batteries that use the screw on charge clean. Those pens would be the Oozi_Clip, DL1, DL1+ and the Re_Up. If the pins have any residue on them it can make it hard for the two pins (1 on the battery and 1 on the charger), from connecting which means that it will either take longer to charge or it won't charge at all. To keep them clean I recommend cleaning the pins with a q-tip, if you want you can use 90% Rubbing Alcohol too, but do not soak the cotton because if any of that liquid gets into the batteries internal parts that could destroy the battery. Just think of it as you wouldn't get your phone soaking wet so why would you do that to a Clout device.

I hope that those tips help out when it comes to making your battery last longer, if you have any other questions about the battery you can always email us at


We all know that the contents that go into our pens is already hard to deal with due to it's consistency. No matter what the type it's always going to be sticky and a pain to deal with and that's before you try to put it inside of a small chamber that heats it up and pulls the smoke up through that said chamber. So of course it's always going to be hard to keep clean. Down below are some tips that we've learned through using our products.

Tips on your pen getting sticky and stuck free.
Q-tip Method:
1. Get rubbing alcohol, we use the 90% one.
2. Get some q-tips.
3. Apply some rubbing alcohol on the q-tip, do not soak the q-tip to the point of it dripping.
(you cannot get any liquid inside the battery, that will kill the battery)
4. Clean off any parts of the battery, the batteries pin and the 5/10 threading to get rid of the gunk.
(you want it to no longer be sticky)
Soaking Method:
1. Get a cup or bowl, fill it with rubbing alcohol and enough to soak and clean some of the pen’s parts.
2. Take the metal cap/mouthpiece, coil cap, atomizer base and put them inside of your cup or bowl.
(do not soak the actual coil itself, that can ruin it)
3. Let it soak overnight and then take all the pieces out and rinse them under some warm water.
4. Towel dry or air dry the pieces and you are good to go!
These last two are for the coils, coils last between 2 weeks to a full month. I do recommend changing the coils out after a months use just because they eventually do not produce the same cloud that they used to, due to the wire build breaking down (it's not actually deteriorating it's just through use it loses it's low ohm build) and not being as tightly wrapped, which is caused from constantly reapplying concentrates onto the build and it getting stabbed by the tool or having pressure applied when repacking the coil. Once you change the coil out you'll notice a slightly stronger flavor of the contents that you put on the coil, a faster heat up time due to the wire wraps being freshly built and tighter, and a bigger hit because of the faster heat up time.
The Oven Method:
We've not yet tried this one only because after a certain point it's good to just throw out old coils, this is for the people who wish to try to keep the same coil lasting for months.
1. Turn your over on, setting it at the lowest temperature that it can go down to.
2. Prepare a pan by placing parchment paper over it.
3. Take your coil, unscrew the coil cap and place the actual coil onto the parchment paper. You don't have to put the coil cap onto the pan but you can.
4. Bake the coil till all the residue inside of it leaks out onto the parchment paper, shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes I'd assume, however I've never done this method so I am unsure of the time.
5. Turn the oven off and take the pan out that has the coil on it, let it coil and then viola! Your coil should be incredibly clean and you also have some reclaim out of the whole thing too!
1. Never over pack the coil, 1/2 - 3/4 is our recommended pack size, this keeps it from getting really messy and keeps the coils lasting longer.
2. Use your tool that comes with your kit and try to scrape off the excess on the sides of your coil
(the inside and outside), take that excess and place it right onto the coils to re-use.
3. Do dry hits occasionally. Do not re-pack your coil and press the fire button, let anything extra that’s built up in the coils burn off. This keeps the coils cleaner, keeps them from building up to much gunk which gets messy and runny, and lets you get better flavor once the old stuff is cooked off.
I hope that these cleaning tips help y'all out, again, if you have any extra questions please feel free to email us at!
Tips for Cartridges and Cartridge Batteries
Tip 1:
Unscrew the cartridge from the battery, clean out where the cartridge goes, get rid of any dirt or gunk that may have landed up on the connecting pins. If those pins don’t connect then the energy from the battery can’t pass through to the cartridge’s coil build that produces the cloud.
Tip 2:
Try to pull that connecting pin out on the cartridge. Pulling it out just a millimeter will then allow it to reach the pin on the battery. Since those pins move on the cartridge they can pushed to far into the tank and then can’t make the connection with the battery.
Tip 3:
Screw the tank on all the way, then just barely loosen it, again, just a millimeter can make all the difference. This tip I’m not entirely sure how it works, but I figured it out while using a super cheap CBD cartridge on my oil slick Ki v2.