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The Banger LunchBox

$ 99.99 USD

Can order either 14mm Male 90 Degree Banger, 14mm Male 45 Degree Banger, 14mm Female 90 Degree Banger, 14mm Female 45 Degree Banger, 10mm Male 90 Degree Banger, 10mm Male 45 Degree Banger or 18mm Male 90 Degree Banger by picking from the choices above.

Forgot to get someone special a gift? Want to have a flashback to the good ol' days? Well we've got you covered for both. Perfect treat for yourself but also the perfect gift for someone you care about or like. These limited edition 2019 lunch boxes will not be restocked once the sell out so get yours now!


-Clout 2019 Edition Tin Lunch Box

-Clout 4mm Banger

-Single Quartz Insert

-Clout Tweezers

-Bubble Carb Cap

-Clout Stash Thermos

-Clout Lanyard